Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top Ten Moments

From our trip...

#10 - The night we realized that it was much better for our sanity to splurge and get two adjoining hotel rooms.

#9 - Arriving at our condo in Anaheim.

#8 - Cooking (and eating) spaghetti at the condo.

#7 - Choosing valet parking at Universal Studios and receiving a free car wash and vacuum while we were in the park.

#8 - Discovering the unusual abundance of snails in the grass behind our condo, and watching Kai pick one up and toss it like a ball. (Don't worry, the snail survived.)

#7 - The Shamu show.

#6 - The "It's a Small World Ride," which was both fantastic and annoying.

#5 - Discovering the Coral Pink Sand Dunes National Park.

#4 - Mickey Mouse ears.

#3 - Getting zillions of autographs from all our favourite characters.

#2 - The Disney Dance Party (it's the new parade).

#1 - Playing in the fantastically warm outdoor pool of our hotel in San Diego.

1 comment:

  1. Anything warm would be my favorite...I am soooooo ready for summer!!!


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