Thursday, April 9, 2009

Photo Montage, as requested :)

God's Grand Canyon - wow!

Pink Sand Dunes


"Bye-Bye" Dolphins

We warned him about the power behind those waves...

Heart Princess face paint - $12

Mardi Gras face paint - $15

Hugging Tinkerbell - priceless

Mickey Mouse Ears (times 5) - as they say,

for everything else there's Mastercard Visa!


  1. Awesome pics! Love the facepaints! But the sand dune photo is a framer! GLad you survived the trip - lol!

  2. The twinkle in those little girls eye ...PRICELESS!

    Looks like you guys had some great fun...

  3. wow! those are gorgeous pics all around!!

  4. I LOVE the one with Kai on the sand dunes way behind everyone else! I think seeing sand like that and the rock formations in the Grand Canyon would be breath taking! God's haniwork is greater than anything we could do...


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