Monday, March 9, 2009

The Little Things We Do

Every family has some guiding principles to help them figure out (and do) what's important. It also helps them to not do what's not important. We've got a few rules that the whole family knows as well as a few themes that the parents keep in mind.

- When it comes to activities, each kid can only be in one thing at a time. We're happy to let them experiment with different types of activities - but it may take a couple years for them to have a shot at each sport or class they mention joining.

- Our children do not have permission to wear certain clothing now that we would not find appropriate when they're pre-teens and teens. For example, bikinis - quite adorable on little ones, far too "sexual" on adolescent girls. I hate to take away privileges for no reason, or change the rules last minute, so it makes it easier for everyone to have the guidelines of modesty firmly established now.

- If we need to decide about something, we ask God. School, work, how to spend money, etc. We just don't feel that these decisions are "ours" to make.

- We are working on a new rule - no interrupting. With a large family, it can be a scramble for everyone to get their say...but we've run into a habit where the children can say "mom" or "dad" while we're in the midst of conversation and we turn to them and say "yes?" We feel that it's important for our kids to know that, as a couple, we value each other and what the other has to say. Also, interrupting is simply a rude habit!

Do you have any rules or guidelines, spoken or unspoken, that help keep your family on track?


  1. We try to keep everyone on track here too - interrupting is awful when all of the kids are trying to do it at once.

    One thing we keep the top of the list - J.O.Y. Jesus First, others second, yourself last!

  2. I know it sounds silly as Isabelle is only two but I insist she says please and thank you. Even when she is throwing a fit I won't listen unless she says please. It is a small part of teaching her respect.

  3. GREAT rules! I'd love the no interrupting to kick in gear around here too!

    We do the one activity thing, though there is some flexiblity with homeschooling because we have a bit more time. We do one sport, no doubt. BUT are open to considering something like Boy Scouts in addition....

    ALL about the modesty!!! We took forever to find K (age 6) an apporpriate 2 piece this year. I htink I bought and had her try on over 20 suits before finding TWO she can keep...whew!


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