Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Summer Here

We're overnighting in Arizona, just 5 miles from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We stopped for a peek before cozying up in our hotel - all I can say is wow. God is super amazing creative. It's beautiful and terrifying.

Here's a little road trip recap (since I am too exhausted to write anything of substance).

Day 1 - Home to White Sulphur Springs, Montana. Driving time (according to Map Quest) - 8 h 39 min. Actual time - roughly 10 hours. We spent the night in a cabin/motel room with 3 double beds and a teeny-tiny washroom. It was a looooong day and a short night.

Day 2 - MT to Sterling, Utah. Driving time - 9 h 23 min (don't even ask what we were thinking with plotting out that one). Actual time - 12 hours or so. We stayed in a B & B on a hill. It was an astounding, massive, very old mansion (well, technically two mansions side-by-side) with original (or made to look like original) carpeting, lighting, pictures, etc. We had a family room where the kids had a bedroom with two queens and we got our own bedroom with a king. Ahhhhhh. After we left I realized I should have taken some pictures of the "classicness" of it. Pat told me his first impression was "old haunted mansion." I am soooo glad he did not share that with me when we arrived after dark...and were the only guests.

Day 3 - UT to Tusayan, Arizona. Driving time - 6 h 38 min. Actual time - 8 hours. Initially, in keeping with my tight budget, we were booked in a room with two queens. Learning from the experience of the last two nights, I made the executive decision to get two adjoining rooms. Best $100 I ever spent. We are in our own room, watching TV, sipping a little bottle of wine (they sell wine in itty-bitty bottles like miniature beer bottles down here), and playing on the computer. All while 5 little monkeys sleep soundly in the next room. Lovely.

Tomorrow - AZ to San Diego, California. We plan to spend 2 nights, and take the whole day Friday to visit Shamu and her friends at Sea World. I'm sure the kids will be relived to finally be doing something other than driving.

That's all I've got for you tonight. Thank-you and The End. :)


  1. Oh, I'm so excited you posted! I was wondering how it was going, but just figured we'd all have to wait until you got back. I should've known better, you're a blogger indeed! :)

    I've lived in the US my whole life and never been to the Grand Canyon, someday I'll make it Westward! I totally would not have slept a wink if my husband had told me that the B&B reminded him of a haunted mansion! Too funny! And I totally take the mini-wine bottles for granted! Been seeing those in hotels since I was little, I just thought everyone had those! :)

    I'm so giddy that you are on this trip right now! Enjoy! :)

  2. Oh wonderful! There is nothing like the Grand CAnyon. We went when I was prego with #1 adn I was terrified...I do'nt know if I can do it with kids :) I mean, there isn't a fence around the hole...LOL!

    Let me know how Sea World was - we are hoping to hit the FL one next month.


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