Monday, March 16, 2009

Growing Up

Dear Braeden,

Today you are another year older. Eleven years old. Wow.

I remember you as a little baby in our little two bedroom apartment. You liked to sleep in the laundry hamper on top of a pile of fresh-out-of-the dryer clothes. I can't count the number of quarters I spent warming up clean towels in hopes of coaxing my colicky little man to sleep.

I remember they told us you would never be "normal," that you might never walk, or talk, or be able to go to school. In some ways, those doctors were right - you are far from typical - you are extraordinary! I cannot imagine you any different than the person you are today. In other ways, those doctors were so very wrong. I praise the Lord for the things you are able to do!

You are such a smart guy, with a witty sense of humour (just like your dad). I have loved seeing you grow and mature this year. You are becoming so confident! You are a leader in your school, with your siblings, and at church. It makes me very proud to watch the way you make an effort to help other kids feel welcomed and included. The fact that you won the "Heart of Gold Award" at school holds greater meaning for me than any report card ever could. You truly do have a heart of gold...and a heart for God...and it makes me smile.

Braeden, I hope that you know how special you are to me. My first born baby, my big boy. I love you, son. Happy birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday Braeden...
    Have a fun filled happy day with your family...and lots of cake too!!

    God Bless

    The Fletchers

  2. Well our dear buddy Braeden - what can we say that you don't already know. We love you sooooo much! You are so special to us and bring us such joy.

    We can't wait to see what God will do with your life. Where ever you go, what ever you do, so long as God is with you, you will be amazing.

    Blessings to you our wonderful grandson.

    Love grandma & grandpa

  3. Happy Birthday Braeden. Everytime I think of your shining face I smile.


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