Tuesday, March 31, 2009


All I can say is, "thank-you." Your prayers, advice, encouragement, and unorthodox ideas really helped.

This morning, we left the house with one child strapped to the roof of the Suburban, fed the others Uncrustables, and very strictly enforced the 'you fight, you miss the next ride' rule. We also each said one thing we loved about someone else just to set the right tone this morning (based on how difficult this was for a couple of the children, we clearly need to practice loving our siblings much more).

As you will see in the final picture of tomorrow's post, words cannot describe how much better today was.

We actually had F-U-N!!!

I'm trying to think of a fun (but not upsetting or traumatic) April fool's joke for tomorrow... But really I'm far too exhausted to think much further than the fantastic king-sized bed waiting for me. Well, the jetted tub also has some appeal. Love this condo we're in - love it!

G'night all.


  1. I'm so glad...I was praying the tone and trip would change. Enjoy your get-a-way. Your kids are so fortunate to have you!

  2. You totally cracked me up! Which one was on the roof? Praise God you had a turn-a-round. Blessings for the rest of the trip.

    Still missing you all,



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