Monday, September 26, 2011

Pouring Out

We've all heard it said, "We can't pour out until we're filled up."

It's our way of saying that, unless we're close to God ourselves, we can't really bring His love into the lives of others.

Or perhaps it's our excuse to delay sharing His love with the world until we feel perfectly prepared and equipped.

Here is a statement that I believe to be more accurate...

Until we empty ourselves, pouring out in service of others, there's no room for God to pour into us.

Think of mixing a pitcher of juice. The pitcher starts out empty and is filled. But even before that initial filling up, the goal is to empty the pitcher. The juice is poured out, cup after cup, until the pitcher is empty. We don't try to keep the pitcher in a perpetually full state. And if we try to refill it when it's only partially empty, the result is often juice that is either too sweet or too weak. But if we fill up cups until the pitcher is empty, it is in the perfect state to be refilled with fresh, cold, perfectly-mixed fruity goodness.

Perhaps we just need to begin emptying ourselves and loving others, regardless of how "filled up" we feel. And through the act of pouring ourselves out, we will discover the true refreshment that comes when God fills us back up.

What do you think?


  1. I think this is a great analogy! Very well said.

  2. Thanks for sharing! You are the wonderful creative person, the words are absolutely fine!

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