Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today's List, with Commentary

1. Get kids ready. (This is usually a bit of a chaotic gong show for the first month of school.)

2. Get kids on bus. (Good news - the girls no longer have to be at the bus stop by early o'clock am! They gained 35 minutes this year...and a new bus.)

3. Get self ready. (Sometimes, even moms need to shower.)

4. Take Kai to day care. (This is likely to be the most not fun moment of my day until after Christmas. He is a cryer. However, they assure me he settles in nicely and has fun all day.)

5. Meet with school board folks about Logos program. (Yes, the school year has begun!)

6. Buy furnace filter. (Sad, sad day... September 1st and I needed the heat on this morning.)

7. Go to training appointment at Curves. (My "new year" begins in September. Thus, another new year's resolution.)

8. Organize my dresser drawers and closets. (I finally caved and bought myself some clothing that fits my larger-than-ideal body. But there's no room for any of it due to all the space being taken up by the imgonnafittheseagainsomedaysoibetternotgetridofthem wardrobe.)

9. Pick up Kai. (I expect that he'll be smiling and having fun, but ready to go home with his momma.)

10. Greet the thundering herd at the door. (No matter how hard I try, I am unable to train the children to enter the house without hollering and door slamming. What can I say? We're just a loud bunch!)

11. Feed the masses. (Darn. What am I supposed to make for dinner tonight? Bonus points to anyone who suggests something that requires pretty much no prep.)

12. Bathe the masses. (Yup, sometimes the kids need cleaning up, too.)

13. Tuck in five children, making rounds of prayers and bathroom and water and hugs and kisses, up the stairs and down the stairs. (Our kids are actually phenomenal at bedtime. But there's no way to speed the process up!)

14. Collapse in a heap and watch recorded episodes of So You Think You Can Dance? and America's Got Talent. (I'm not really a reality TV junkie, but House doesn't start back until October! Sheesh!)

Missing from today's agenda:

A. Help from the hubby. (My man is off in the mountains with quads and guns and other big boys. He's been looking forwad to it for a year. I don't get it, but I'm sure they're having a great time not talking to each other. lol)

B. Work. (No, I didn't quit or get fired or anything dramatic. After popping in for a couple hours this week, we decided that it will work best all around for me to "officially" start after the long weekend.)

What's on your to-do list today?

1 comment:

  1. You turned the heat on today? I seriously think Im gonna cry now. I suffered and saw 100 three days this week.


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