Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year in Review, 2010

I began 2010 with this goal in my heart. Here's how I worked toward a more consecrated life for those twelve months...

January - Right from the first day of my year of consecration, God called me out on my anger issues. Sure, I had been "working" on it, but He was asking me to step it up. It was time to come to God in true submission, sincere obedience, and let Him bring real transformation.

February - I recognized that there were things I allowed to take up valuable time in my life that could better be used for Kingdom purposes. One of those things was facebook. So facebook and I took a 40 day break from each other for Lent.

March - This month began with a reminder (written largely for myself) on the importance of consecrating our finances to the Lord by committing to tithing.

April - I was convicted of the lack of emphasis we (as a western society, as a family, as a church body) place on knowing the Word of God.

May - May had me realizing how far I was (and will ever be) from holiness. But I knew that I could come closer to the Lord than I was. I was in need of some repair...

June - A tribute to my Dad, inspired by my Abba.

July - The summer months were filled with moments of family togetherness and fun. I chose to be fully there, and felt God's pleasure in each moment.

August - God worked out some hard issues in my heart while I was at She Speaks.

September - As I prepared to answer God's call to begin speaking about my anger, I began to recognize moments of true success in the journey. That transformation He began in January was beginning to bear fruit in my life.

October - It's always difficult to get back into the routine of spiritual disciplines after the flexibility of summer. I found myself starved of the Word and in need of some serious feasting.

November - Usually, getting deep in the Word gives me good fodder for writing. But I found myself at a loss in November, in spite of my feasting. So I turned to floor over for some questions.

December - This year is wrapping up with a big case of distractedness and lists, big dreams and goals, wondering what the focus for 2011 should be.

Tomorrow, Lord willing, I will have an answer.

1 comment:

  1. Praying with you friend. That you God gives you His answer in His time.

    I know He will for He is faithful!

    I am praying that in 2011 I grow into the areas God stretched me out to in 2010.

    Blogged about it today! Blessings to you and yours!


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