Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 24

I have completed 23 days of my fast food/junk food/processed food fast. More than halfway!

The prospect that I have only 17 days left is exciting. On September 13 I get to weigh myself and see if there have been physical results of my spiritual discipline. (If I'm totally honest, I fear that there won't be, and I'll be discouraged. Even though I know that this hasn't really been about losing weight at all.) On September 13 I am free to enjoy a slurpee or potato chips, maybe a chocolate bar or some french fries. Or how about anything that I don't need to make from scratch?!

I wonder if these remaining 17 days will be enough... Will I have grown closer to God? Will I be more willing to obey Him because of this? Will I have the strength to continue in seeking Him about what I eat? Or will I fall back into what is comfortable? These questions are troubling...

I so badly want to be changed! I know that I've grown complacent. And eating habits are really an outward symbol of my inner state. If I lack discipline in my eating, in my homemaking, in my parenting, in my marriage, finances, etc. - these are all indicators that I am lacking in spiritual discipline as well. I don't know if this is true for everyone, but I know that when my spiritual life is in order the rest of my life follows suit. Because a spirit that is yielded to the Spirit is not satisfied with complacency or laziness in any area.

I believe that God called me to 40 days of submitting to Him in my eating habits in order to draw me into His will in other areas. And I am so afraid that I am just missing the point! Missing the blessing.

Oh Lord, that I would seek You with all my heart, in all things I do! Show me where I am walking outside of Your will for my life. Lay before me all the areas I am lacking in discipline and self-control. I no longer want to walk in disobedience and disregard, Father. Change my heart through this purifying of my body. Teach me, Jesus. Change me. Unsettle me...


  1. 23 days!!! Way to go girl!!!

  2. When you make things from scratch they TASTE better :)

    Keep it up - maybe after fourty days the taste of processed food will not have the same appeal???

  3. I just found your blog and you have inspired me!! I believe that God paved the way for me to find you so that I will finally listen to him!

    I know I need to cut out the junk food and pepsi but I have been stubborn about it. Thanks for blogging about your fast, it will be something I am going to do as well!

  4. I'm impressed with you doing this fast - but as you say, it is gaining the greater blessing of closeness to God that is more important.

  5. I've been praying for you and will keep it up! Thanks for the update.


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