Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Questions that Keep me up at Night

Why is the divorce rate in churches the same (and in some cases higher) than the divorce rate of the general population?

When faced with devastation (financial, loss of a child, etc.) how come some people fall to pieces and others endure? What's the difference between those two types of people?

How do some people truly manage to live completely free of debt?

How in the world do "mega families" afford to feed everyone? How much money does Jim Bob Dugger actually earn????

What makes some people seem at peace no matter what, while others always seem stressed out? Are their circumstances that different, or is it something else?

What would it be like to walk with God so faithfully that one eventually just walks right up to Heaven? How hard would that be?!

How come some children seem to be born with rebellion in their spirit?

Why, when I'm tired, do I stay up until midnight pondering unanswerable questions?

And can someone please teach me the technique to back-combing hair so that I can get a little volume near the top?! Seriously - how does one learn to do that???


  1. Sounds like all the random things I think about when I am awake at night :)

  2. LOL! If you find the answers to most of these questions please share with me, because they keep me awake too

  3. I have all the answers you need!! Sleep well tonight angle.

    Everyone falls to pieces when faced with devastation, it is just to varying degrees. Most of the time, people will hold it together while the spot light is on them but after a few months, once the reality sets in, they fall apart in the privacy of their home.

    People who live debt free live within their means. No frivious extras.

    Mega families rely heavily on the kindness of other people. When the world first met the Duggers they were accepting clothing and food donations. Because we watch their tv show, they get more money.

    People who are always at peice are either highly medicated or only crack when they are alone. Come on, you don't think Mother Theresa didn't ever sighlently say "you got to f*&kin' be kidding me?"

    God is forgiving. I know you will walk right up to Heaven no problem.

    Rebellious children are put on this earth to teach us to love our parents that much more for putting up with us and to teach us respect for their individuality and patience for what we can't understand.

    You stay up till midnight cause that is when you really want to go to bed. You just don't have a lifestyle to support it.

    Backcombing is easy!! Lots of hairspray and if you think it is too high, it is not high enough. If you still can't do it, buy a bumpit. $5 on ebay with shippping.


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