Monday, February 14, 2011

Crave God, Not Food - week 6

Report Card time...

Since last week:
- weight - down 1 lb
- body fat - same
- waist - down 0.75"

Since I began (January 10th):
- weight - down 5.4 lbs
- body fat - down 2%
- waist - down 2"

I have mixed feelings...
Good - progress in the right direction
Bad - slower progress than I'd hoped for
Fired up - to exercise more and harder to speed up the progress
Deflated - realizing that this is unrealistic
Good - that I feel better, healthier, prettier, stronger
Bad - that I haven't shrunk enough to expand my wardrobe options (two pairs of jeans that I am just a couple inches away from wearing)
Excited - that I am only 4.4 lbs away from breaking down below a nasty weight barrier that's had me stuck for 3 years
Discouraged - the barrier would appear to be about 4 weeks away

So, what's a girl to do with such an emotional roller coaster?

I continually remind myself that my emotions are not trustworthy. Nine times out of ten, following my emotions will lead me astray. Instead, I must remember to stick with the plan, make good choices, and press on. Sometimes that's hard to do. So then I remind myself that this plan isn't just for me; I am doing this for God. Not that God needs me to be skinnier, but that He is able to use me more if I am stronger, healthier, and have more energy. The better my health, the greater my ability to serve Him - at home, at church, and out in the community.

While I can't deny how wonderful it will be to feel fit, healthy, and slim, my ultimate goal is (and needs to remain) to honour God.

Never offer any part of your body to sin’s power. No part of your body should ever be used to do any ungodly thing. Instead, offer yourselves to God as people who have come back from death and are now alive. Offer all the parts of your body to God. Use them to do everything that God approves of.
~ Romans 6:13 (GW)


  1. my goal for the last 3 years has been to drop 17-20 lbs. Guess how successful I've been? lol if anything I GAINED weight. I would lose 3 lbs and then quit, not eating anything I liked and starving myself. So I changed the plan this time. Not only do I have the encouragement from you and your stories that you share on here, but I have also decided that I want to lose 1 lb. I eat stuff I love, like pizza, burgers, cheerios, wine, etc. but only one small serving. Never seconds, unless I'm actually starving. So far this has been working for me. I am down 5.2 lbs from when I started and I feel good. But like you said, it's a long haul. I really enjoy reading your stories, thanks for sharing them! I can't wait to get my hands on that book, Made to Crave! It's next on my list I think :)

  2. This, right here:

    " emotions are not trustworthy."

    I needed that -- for something seemingly unrelated to this post. But trust me: I needed that.

    Thank you!

    (And by the way, three cheers as you work toward your goal!)

  3. Thanks so much. I want this book and plan to order it soon.

    In 2008 I lost 40lbs as of today I have gained 30 of that back. I can't believe it. It blows me away. Did I tell you this before....

    I appreciate your progress... letting us peek in.


  4. I'm with Jennifer. Those words about emotions not being trustworthy are just what I needed.

    Great series Tyler. What I especially like is that it isn't solely (or soul-y) about weight loss, but you're focusing on what God is saying/doing in the midst of it all. Be blessed!


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