Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Big, Fat, Catch-All

I have heard the same question from several different people recently. It's come from those I "know," those I cyber-know, and even those I've yet to get to know. This question is an indication that I haven't been keeping in touch as well as I like to. The answer(s) to the question may help explain why.

Here are a few variations of the question:
- What have you been up to lately?
- How are you doing?
- What's new?

#1 - Always the book. But not actually the book. Does that make any sense?

Huge in the world of publishing is this thing called "platform." I've yet to fully comprehend the concept, but I do know that it means I need to invest time and heart into building up my readership (long in advance of any book publishing deals). So I've been gleaning from many a wise guru on the art of using social media to, well, engage socially. I have become a student of the experts and little by little am trying out those new things I'm learning about.

Am I the only one who sees the irony in this situation? I am busy learning to use social media, therefore I have completely stunk at engaging. Clearly, a lot to learn...

Other fun (but time-consuming) stuff related to building my platform involves writing and submitting articles for publication, getting my name out there as a speaker, and numerous brainstorming/prayer sessions with my marketing director (that would be Pat).

#2 - Women's ministry.

You knew I'd never be able to just not be involved with my local church's WM! I have joined the leadership team and am truly loving it. I wondered if I could do it - be a part of a team and not be the leader. I've discovered that I can! It helps that the leaders are so team-oriented and really encourage us all to use our gifts and talents.

#3 - The Logos Society.

Logos is Greek for "the Word." (see John 1) We have an amazing, unbelievable, fantastic program in our community where a Christian education is offered within the public school system (with no fees)! Given the fact that I expect to have children enjoying the benefits of this program for more years than I can count, I figured I ought to get involved. Somehow, God moved me from being involved to being involved... I have taken the position of President for the society. (insert wobbly grin and churning tummy here)

#4 - BLAST.

I am seriously behind in my course. Behind on the recommended readings AND the teaching videos. My only excuse is... I am a procrastinator. So as we approach our last month of equipping, I am scrambling to catch up on those videos. I'll have to tackle the remaining books throughout 2011.

#5 - New parenting strategies.

I'm sure I don't need to elaborate on the emotional energy it takes to actually be consistent in discipline. (Okay, I totally just blew the new plan out the window. Darn! When a certain family member is too slow in the morning and misses the bus, the plan is that this person owes me slave labor time equal to the number of minutes it takes me to drive to the school and back home. Plus, of course, and additional minutes of tardiness. I talked, reminded, pushed, and rushed said child along this morning. Bad, bad, bad! Back to the plan after school.)

#6 - Weight loss.

Tracking my food intake and exercise takes quite a bit more time than I expected! I didn't track last week. Nor did I really try. Rather than beating myself up with the disappointing numbers on the scale, I've decided to skip the weigh-in. Today is a new day and a new week (yesterday was a holiday for us Albertans - Family Day) and I will simply get back to doing the right thing today. We'll touch base on Monday.

Add that stuff to the regular homemaking duties, and the result is a crummy friend who doesn't keep in touch well. But today is a good day for a fresh start. Oh yes indeed! So expect to hear from me. And if you don't, call me on it.  Because quite frankly, none of it matters if I'm doing it without you - my friends in the flesh, my friends on the www, and the friends I still hope to meet.

So tell me... What have you been up to lately? (Seriously, I want to know!)


  1. 1. Spending too much time on the computer ogling numbers than reaching out to people who need me. Yes God is slowly reminding me that numbers are nice because I reach more for Him, but there are real live people around me that need me more than watching numbers. UGH! I am that vain sometimes.

    2. Writing articles and my book and talks...Purity talk is tomorrow. Infertility talk is next week. DEEP BREATHING HERE!

    3. Not cleaning my house (it is a wreck if you come I would invite you in and warn you about where to step etc) Then I would do my best to shove toys, jackets, shoes (some are mine even) out of the way for you.

    4. LOGO has been decided upon. Hoping to unveil it on Thursday. We will see... ;)

    Love you friend...

  2. Feeling on top of everything...then feeling like a failure...quite the roller coaster ride this week! My house, too, is a disaster, which I intend to rectify today as a ministry to my dear husband who works so hard. I've been realizing that now is always a great time to start over and try again.....with the house, the kids/parenting, my attitudes.....anything really :) Trying to focus on what's really important and not so much on the things that weigh me down. Getting the chores done is taking a backseat right now to my children's relationships with God, which is good, but then there needs to be some balance or I can't get into my kitchen to even think of making dinner! Life is a balancing act and I am trying to figure out how to juggle :)

  3. I've missed our emails! I've been totally slacking the friend department too. I've been...

    ...spending a lot of time couponing...finding coupon sites, signing up for newsletters from some of my favorite brands so hopefully I can get coupons, researching, etc. Lots of work to start out but it'll be worth it!

    ...schooling the little peeps

    ...neglecting my housework, but doing lots of scratch (as in, making homemade KETCHUP and stuff!) cooking which saves major moolah but takes a bit more time

    ...slowing down a LOT to try to see more of God's gifts. LIFE CHANGING. Amazing how intentionally slowing down really does make life better. I always had it backwards!

    ...I'm sure I've got more to share but I'll stop there. You're welcome. :)

  4. Spending time with Family, spending not enough time with friends old and new, feeling completely behind as a housekeeper and small group leader, feeling okay about everything else, trying to teach my son to sleep, trying to teach my other son not to cry about everything, trying to be honest and get to the roots of my weight issues.....actually as one of those friends I feel I am neglecting, you probably already know about most of this, so I guess I may not be doing that bad after all :)


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