Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year in Review, 2009

I began 2009 with this goal in my heart.

Here's how I learned His ways, His paths, and His truths throughout the year...

I asked the Lord to shake me up, keep me from becoming too comfortable, unsettle me.

I asked God to reveal His agenda for my daily schedule and "to do" lists with my time experiment.

I was learning about Believing God and persevering when victory demanded my all.

God used our difficult trip to Disneyland to remind me of something that I find easy to forget.

The Lord provided peace when I submitted to His will for our special needs son.

God used an old post and an anonymous comment to encourage me. Interesting how re-reading those words just spoke to my heart all over again...

Our family settled in to enjoy the snot-nosed, dirty-faced, sweaty-kid days of summer.

I had the amazing experience of attending the She Speaks conference, and many thanks to Lysa who inspired me to begin my fast food fast.

An answer to those prayers of mine - the ones to be unsettled... God nudged, we listened (albeit reluctantly).

In the midst of preparing to move, God called Pat to take a short walk in the mission field. His heart is forever turned toward the people of Haiti.

I spent some time trying to refocus my prayers and praises.

A month spent glorying in the new lifestyle of our family, but sadly neglecting other important things (such as writing - for my book or on this here blog).

It surely was a Jesus year! I asked and sought and God showed my His ways, taught me His paths, and spoke to me about His truths. My world was rocked more than once. Adventure was had. Much time was spent on my knees. And some people say that following Jesus is boring...

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  1. And this is why you cool that you can retrospectively look through your blogs and remember what God has done and is doing in your life. I have to admit - I couldn't look back and remember the way you have. Very cool.

    Frieda (aka Mom)


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