Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Shoulders are no Longer Hunched over by the Weight of the World... or some other witty title that captures the intent of this post

When we decided to move, I knew that having Pat home every night would be special, wonderful, and a blessing to all of us. Because God has made it clear that we are to leave our families and cleave to our spouses, I knew that He would bless this decision. In spite of the heartache moving away from our extended family, friends, ministry, church, and overall support network, there was not a doubt in my mind that this was the right thing to do. (Lest you think that by "moving away" I mean we went far, we are only a 90 minute drive from our old home!)

You know what I had no idea about, though? Just how much difference it makes in life to have a second pair of hands around on a regular basis! I am not the only one on call in the middle of the night. I don't have to wrangle up friends and grandparents to assist with getting all the kids to activities. I am no longer chef, bus girl, and dishwasher for virtually every dinner. I'm not the only cog in the bath time assembly line. I don't have to do loving and teaching and discipline and homework all tangled together - on my own. Until I experienced the joy of having my husband home nightly, I had no clue how overwhelmed I was without him.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like Pat was never home. But he was away and working late just often enough that I settled into a comfortable (if not slightly harried) groove of doing it all. I didn't realize the weight of that burden until it was lifted from me.

Sure, we've gotten into a few squabbles along the way. I had a good system, but Pat employs different methods. Sometimes I forget that the end result is more important than the methods and I try to remind him that I know how to do things best. Thankfully, he understands the "planner" part of me and can help me loosen my grip gently.

You know what else has surprised me a bit? The simple fact that I really do like Pat! I can hear you chuckling... It's not that I ever didn't like him, but that I was worried that we might get on one another's nerves and grow tired of each other's company after so much "togetherness." But we're not! Well, I'm not; I guess you'd have to ask him if I'm getting on his nerves. :)

I like talking with him, hanging out with him, fighting over the remote control with him, planning out our week together. It's like we're dating again and don't want to be apart for any lengthy period of time - and I love it! All these gooey feelings kinda make a girl want to do something as an expression of all that maybe make a baby. Nothing says "we're madly in love" than creating life together. Whaddya say, honey? Should we explore the possibility of going for #6?

Just kidding... Sort of.


  1. I am so happy for you!!!I have been thinking you often lately and almost bought you a house warming present on Monday (I stopped myself as I have no plans on going to your neck of the woods anytime soon).
    You deserve all the happiness and wonderfulness (not sure if that was a word) in the world.

  2. Honey,

    We are done making babies!!!Remember the operations that stopped that from happening again. I do, it was like 5 times as painful as child birth:)

    We can practice all the time if you want:)

    By the way you are pretty cool to hang out with too!!!

    Luv Ya

  3. Awwww! So very adorable! I agree - it is so wonderful to have them home more and be able to have 'friend' time and not just be in survival mode. My dh used to work and hour away and when he moved to 1 MILE away, it changed the whole family dynamic.... to awesome. And yes - that's when baby number 4 came on the scene. So be careful there (winkwinknudge)!

  4. Son in law - Stop being such a wuss. You don't have a clue if it was 5 times more painful than childbirth - and I really doubt it! Besides, I'm game for another grandchild.



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