Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Writing, It's In My Blood!

About a year ago, I was telling someone about the book I've been (ever so slowly) working on. She said to me, "So, you want to be a writer, eh?" I smiled and said, "I hope so." But inside my heart was pounding in my ears and I knew something I had never acknowledged before: I already am a writer, I always have been. The only difference was that I had begun pursuing becoming a published writer.

From the moment I was able to identify words on a page, I was obsessed with reading. I would devour book after book and in-between books I would weave together stories in my head. I fancied myself an aspiring novelist - probably a romance novelist. For a sixth grade writing project I submitted a 10-page short story complete with switching back-and-forth between simultaneous scenes (at least I learned something from all the after school soap opera watching). I journalled, I made up songs, I played with poetry. Toying with words was an addiction.

Somewhere along the road of life I learned that writers don't really make any money. Kinda like artists. And in my pursuit of an actual career where a predictable income was earned I went to university for my psychology degree. I did school and work and motherhood, eventually "settling" on motherhood for a season. I re-discovered God, began living my life with Him in mind, and found myself called to ministry. All the while, this writing gene lay dormant.

A few years back, a trendy and innovative friend (thanks Louise!) introduced me to a crazy thing called "blogging." My inner rebel (the one who refuses to join into anything that's "in") wanted to resist, but I was helpless against the siren song of the written word.

My old blog started out as a G (maybe PG) rated version of an online journal, but it wasn't long before I knew I wanted to write words that had purpose. Because if - ohmygoodness - there were actually people reading my words, it mattered to me that my words would somehow point them to Jesus.

I don't know if this book in my heart will ever make it onto a publisher's desk. I don't know if I will ever be able to build a platform large enough to satisfy the publishing world's requirements. I don't even know if, when it's all down on paper, the words will make any sense whatsoever. But I do know this - writers write. It's what we do. Not necessarily because we have a project to finish or a deadline to meet. We write because it's part of us.

My hope and prayer is that the message God has placed in my heart will get out there, that it will help others, change lives, and draw women closer to God. So I will pursue that dream. (But even if it doesn't come to pass, I will keep on writing.)

As one small part of the work toward the goal of getting published, I have registered for She Speaks - a conference that offers equipping for writers, speakers, and women's ministry leaders - for the second year in a row, this time with the focus of learning how to build my platform (though I have still requested publisher meetings because, well, you never know!). While I know there are bigger things going on in the world, I would like to humbly ask for your prayers. I registered for this conference, feeling the nudge by God to do so, but knowing that we did not have the means to cover all the costs involved. Right now I sit in a place of waiting on the Lord, believing that if I really should be there He will provide. So I ask that you pray for me to be patient, to have peace, and to trust. Because I tell ya, waiting is hard!

By the way, if any publishing people out there are reading this post, I would like to assure you that my sentence structure is much more correct in book format. :)

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