Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spoiled Rotten

Where did that phrase ever come from, anyway? Is it really possible to bless someone so much that they become rotten?

Practically this entire week has been Mother's Day around our house. I have been honored by a gift or card daily since Wednesday.

First, Shea brought home a special card she made in child care at Friendship Factor on Wed (FF is our "women's time out" ministry). Meg came home from school that same day with a card and a beautiful picture taken at school.

On Thursday, her playschool teachers helped Shea create a puzzle out of a cute picture of her holding a sign that said "Happy Mother's Day." Later that day Pat presented me with the one thing I really wanted. While I was out that evening, Pat took the kids shopping - they found me two fantastic purses and a hilarious singing card (no one could wait for me to open these gifts, so I got them first thing Friday morning).

From school on Friday, Abbey brought home a card and a picture of her taken at school, along with a cute little flower pot. Braeden had a gift bag he decorated at school, along with a card, a lavender tea bag, and two home made chocolate chip cookies (for us to enjoy together).

Friday night was date night for Pat and I (if you were wondering, we decided to go play bingo - thanks for voting!), and we had our super awesome sitter here with the kids. Apparently they had all plotted together last time she was here, so she came armed with supplies. She helped the kids make decorated pens in a flower pot (Meg), a keychain (Shea), cards, and a cake (everyone)! The gift that did me in, though, was the pad of stationary from Abbey with a letter on the first page...

Dear mom I love you so moch, your the best mom in the hole world adn I aspeshely love to cudle with you. Your vary speshel to me thats why your the best mom in the hole world! Love, Abbey! to: Mom! your the best!

I aspeshely love to cudle with you, too, Miss Abs. :)

I assure you, it does not escape me that I am blessed far beyond anything I deserve with these precious children and my loving husband. You don't have to worry, though - it only makes me sweeter!

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  1. Awww..that is the sweetest note I have ever seen!! How special each and every one of those gifts are from your little blessings from God...oh ya and Pat too ;) Have a wonderful day!


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