Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Getting the Gift You Really Want

Today's WFMW is a themed one - money-saving tips.

Now, some might argue that receiving gifts, especially from your spouse, is not saving money at all. Rather, it is costing you money. Technically, that's true.

Here's the thing, though. We all like to get gifts, right? Christmas, birthday, Mother's Day... As a general rule, we don't refuse gifts for these special occasions. Therefore, money will be spent on a gift for you (hopefully!). But there is something you can do to prevent the wasteful spending of unnecessary money...

We've all received those gifts that are not exactly what we hoped for. Sure, sometimes we keep them and keep our mouths shut, but more often we are honest with our sweethearts. So we exchange.

Now just follow that trail of money - hubby's fuel to the mall, many hours spent searching for the perfect gift (and time is money), cost of the gift, cost of having someone else wrap the gift, fuel to drive home, fuel to go back out and get a card, hours spent searching for the card, fuel home, your own fuel back to the store to exchange the gift and back home again. So much waste!

One small thing can save you millions thousands hundreds of dollars over the course of your lifetime...

Ask him for what you want! Be specific and tell him exactly the gift you would enjoy. Oh stop, I can practically hear you saying, "if he loves me he'll pay attention to my hints and KNOW what I really want." LOL! No he won't! It is a proven fact - well, if not proven then certainly widely assumed - that men are incapable of reading subtle signs and hints. Seriously, just tell him what you want. And to increase the chances of him hearing and understanding, go ahead and tell him again.

Now watch the money trail - fuel to buy gift, brief minutes spent requesting exact gift he knows you want, cost of someone else wrapping the gift (even if you know what it is, it's still fun to tear off the wrapping paper), fuel to get home.

On one gift you have saved $10 in fuel, several hours of time, and an entire day's worth of frustration for each of you. :)

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Don't forget to enter yourself for the Mother's Day Giveaway. (And by the way, honey, I would just love a 90-minute, full-body, hot-stone massage for Mother's Day. *grin)


  1. Ingenious... actually, this year i did give my hubby suggestions, if was planning to get me anything:) But really a little time with the family and some traditional Mother's Day time in the garden would be wonderful!!

    BTW... I love your theme verse. I like the version of it... what great verses to live by!

  2. I actually did this, this year! Not that I don't cherish the M-O-M paperweight I got in years past, but I, too was hoping to lead my husband into spending money on something I'd really use and enjoy!

  3. How funny! Today I did tell my husband. If he gets what I ask for is up to him. thanks for the post!

  4. I agree - and at this point, I even BUY what I want. My husband does the same thing. Yeah, it would be great if we just "knew" what to buy - but let's be realistic :) Super idea!

  5. Yep - being direct is best. I told my hubbie, kids, really anyone who would listen that I want (really need actually) a new washer and dryer for Mother's Day. How glourious would that be???

  6. Does printing out MapQuest directions to the place to buy my homemade soap qualify as hard core hint dropping?

    I hope you get your well deserved massage!

  7. have a husband that does not take hints but my kids help instruct him to get what i want

  8. hubby pretty much figured me out already and knows what I want, the only problem is sometimes, I don't even know what I want...lol

  9. This is what my husband and I do every year. Sometimes we even go to the store and actually pick out what we want to make sure it is exactly the right thing. We still wrap it and put it under the tree, but it sure is a lot easier that way.

  10. I thought is wasnt romantic to tell each other what we wanted. I was stuck in la la land thinking he would figure it out and I felt crazy if I couldnt figure it out for him.
    Now no more we ask and we tell. We get what we want and we are happy!
    I told him I want a blue snuggi for mothers day and exactly where to get it. I am thinking it might be an idea to start registering and then we both could see what each other wants and buy it. Or if you think it wont be there to put it on hold and then let the other person pick it up.
    What do you think ??????


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