Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Glorious signs that spring is upon us:

- the children are only in the house to eat and sleep

- the baby is filthy dirty from head to toe, and he brings rain boots filled with sandbox sand into the living room six times per day

- the dog's feet are muddy

- the batteries from the assorted Power Wheel devices (yay for garage sales) are being charged nightly

- the question, "where is my bike helmet" is a refrain sung out a dozen times each day

- the furnace is off and the windows are open (except first thing in the morning, because brrrrrrr)

- I am experiencing an odd desire to begin exercising

- no matter that the weather is still nearing zero degrees in the morning, the little girls are insistent about wearing their sundresses

- it's too bright at bedtime to fall asleep (thank goodness for black-out shades)

- the snow is GONE!!!


  1. The snow might be coming back...

  2. The snow did come back !!!

  3. I was going to ask if the snow was gone yet .... it is beautiful weather here too right now- we will make an effort to enjoy it while it last before the hot summer. I may steal your list idea.


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