Friday, June 3, 2011

Recent questions I've been asked...

I get all the tough questions around here.

Abbey (9) has been reading her Bible. I think she's in Deuteronomy now.
     "Mom, what's a virgin?"

I think she knew the answer, but was testing to see if I would tell her the truth. And if I'd be embarrassed.

Malakai (3) came bursting into the washroom while I was using the facilities. I told him he had to wait or find another bathroom to use.
     "Okay. But next time, can you stand up so we can pee together?"

Thanks Pat, for teaching him that trick! I had fun trying to explain why this was not possible.

And some people think being a stay at home mom is boring! Ha! Never a dull moment around here.


  1. hahaha what about (Abbey) "Why can girls sleep over with girls and not with guys??" (as she gives me a sly smile!

  2. Noah asked me about dying and heaven yesterday, and once he was satisfied he said "what about Daddy? He's getting pretty old!". Kevin was thrilled :)

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