Saturday, September 18, 2010

The High Calling

Hey friends,

Did you notice the new badge on my sidebar (just below my facebook badge)? I've joined up with a network called High Calling Blogs (thanks to my dear friend Angela for sending me over to check them out).

Why? you ask. Well, I have a few reasons.

First, I love connecting with like-minded Jesus-followers on the world wide web! I like to hang out and read posts that encourage me and challenge me in my walk with the Lord. This is a good place to do that!

Second, I believe in their vision - to use new media tools to create opportunities for people to encounter God for the transformation of daily life, work, and the world. That is one of the very reasons I started this blog (besides wanting to leave a heritage for my children) - to extend my reach in ministry to women. Who better to help me walk the path that God has called me to than a bunch of other bloggers following after their high calling?!

Third, because I believe that partnering with a couple of quality, Godly, well-established Christian communities will be helpful to me as I work to build and grow my platform. Without a wide and strong platform to stand on, many a good writer's work won't make the cut. I am passionate about helping other mothers finding freedom from anger; I believe that my life and faith experiences will help show them the way to freedom; I want them to have the opportunity to read Mommy, why are you angry? - and getting that book published, unfortunately, requires that I do more than just write the book (I've got to "sell" it, too).

I hope that you will pop over to High Calling Blogs to see what their (our) community has to offer. I am thrilled to consider myself "part of the family" now!


  1. Welcome to the family!

    You might enjoy LLBarkat's post at Green Inventions Central, where she describes some of the ways we've talked about High Calling Blogs using concrete images, often an invitation to the table.

    Stop by her place:

    And of course you're always welcome at our community home at! You may have noticed that we're about to move into new digs, when combines with sister site

    You are always welcome to swing by my place--on Fridays at, it's all about food. Fitting, I suppose, with this hospitality theme.

  2. It's so good to read the reasons you joined, and I'm excited to see how the network fits in with God's plans for your book and blog. Thanks for becoming a part of HCB! :)

  3. Thanks for the link. I like the title of your book -- how far along are you?


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