Monday, May 17, 2010

For Your Viewing Pleasure (or at the very least, a five-minute diversion from housework)

My first video submission for the BLAST course is officially complete! I submitted it last month, and for 30 whole days my fellow cyber-classmates viewed it and offered me their encouragement and suggestions. I am now going to take a deep breath, close my eyes, and share it with you...

The entire taping took almost 3 hours. Several times I stopped taping partway in because I ran into a mind block and just stopped talking. Then I discovered my webcam had an annoying audio delay, so my mouth was not working with my voice. I started again on our hand-held video camera, and did the same stop-and-start thing as when I first began taping. On the taping that I thought would be my final time through, when I had but two sentences left to speak, my office door swung open and a little voice asked, "Mom, can you get me a drink?" Ack! Taping was complete and (slowly) loading on youtube just minutes before the bus brought kids home from school!


  1. You look so pretty!! I love seeing your *work*! Glad to hear your cute little accent again. Excellent video!! You do such a good job.

  2. You are an excellent speaker! And you're so right about tithing. Not only does God provide, but I've been so incredibly blessed to watch God answer the prayers of other believers through our tithes and obedience. It's truly amazing.

    Great Job!! :)

  3. OK, so it was just so fun to see you in person! I love when folks do this. It is so great to hear a voice and see mannerisms and such!

    LOVE the hair!!!

    Great message - and so heartfelt.


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