Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some Things You Should Know

Before anyone gets to thinking that I'm a super-mom or super-Christian, there are a few things I think you should know about me...

I write based on my own experiences. If I happen to write something full of wisdom and aweseomeness, it's not because I'm wise and awesome. More than likely, it's because God is working out junk in my heart and life and in order for it to "stick" I need to write it, share it, and teach it. For example, Seven Steps to Stop Anger in its Tracks wouldn't have had much to offer in the way of helpful if I didn't struggle with anger on a daily (and sometimes minute-by-minute) basis.

I have a potty mouth. I don't write with it and I really, really try not to speak using it, but sometimes words like crud, dang, and even shoot and frig pop out of my mouth in their true blue, four letter, can't even type them in this post, nasty form. If I am hurt - especially a stubbed toe - and you are within a city block of me, your jaw will drop in shock and horror and the words you hear. I'm sorry. I really do try!

I am hugely extroverted. If you get me on the phone, please be cautioned in advance - I am incapable of shutting up and saying good-bye. One of the reasons I love writing is because I can go back after the fact and trim out all the surplus words my mouth can't pull back in. One of the drawbacks of my extroversion is that I NEED interaction to survive. Seriously. If I don't get social interaction I am likely to curl myself into the fetal position and whimper for hours. So like, if you all could comment a wee bit more often, that would help. (Kidding. Well, not really.)

I love school. I love having my kids in school. I love sending them to school. I strongly support the use of school bussing as a means of transporting my kids to school. Every summer I look forward to the commencement of full days of school and each spring I gaze upon the upcoming lazy days of summer with a mix of love and dread. You won't catch me crying and snapping commemorative photos as I drop kiddies off on their first day. I used to feel guilty, thinking that this was some sort of flaw in me. I mean, all the other moms are so sad watching their babies grow up and the really good moms are homeschooling. I was sure something must be broken in my good mommy compartment.

But over the years God has shown me how He designed me to be this way, so that I had the time to do the ministry He called me to in addition to the ministry of mothering. Now, I am okay with who I am and how I am. And I no longer apologize for it. School's in, routine is back, and I AM SO HAPPY! :)

I could go on and on about all the ways I am (or at least feel that I am) not the best example of a Godly woman. But I don't want this to be one of those posts where I pour out all my self-esteem issues and you try to build me back up in the comments. I just want to be real. I am flawed and I don't ever want anyone to get the impression that I am (or think I am) perfect.

I'm a real girl with real issues. But I do happen to believe with everything in me that Jesus is the answer for ALL of my issues. Basically, my goal here is to help you believe that He is the answer for all your issues, too. And if the best method of offering "proof" that Jesus works in real life for real issues is for me to be real about my "stuff," well, then I'll go there.


  1. I'm a new reader. Thank you for being real.

  2. Thanks for being who you are Tyler.Your a true source of encouragement to me... for real!

    Praying for you


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