Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh Canada!

Today is Canada Day. Our nation's birthday. I know that Americans tend to be known for the patriotism more than Canadians, but the fact is that Canada is just about the best place in the whole world to live! (I say 'just' simply because I wouldn't mind a little less snow.)

In honour of Canada's 143rd year, I am going to list 143 things I love about Canada! Kidding... How about my top 10?

10. I like spelling words the 'proper' English way, such as honour and colour and neighbour.

9. There is so much space everywhere!

8. We are the best at hockey.

7. It is pronounced "zed," not "zee." ;)

6. We are known for being the friendliest nation. Canadian visitors are welcomed with open arms everywhere in the world.

5. The loonie and toonie are cute!

4. While I acknowledge some short-comings in our health care system, I definitely appreciate FREE care for all! (If we had to pay for all the services Braeden accesses, we'd be looking at up to $40,000 per year.)

3. Coloured money is the way to go!

2. The beauty of our summers (green) and autumns is incomparable!

1. Our Rocky Mountains may just be the biggest show of God's hand in this fine world!


  1. I love words enough that I am jealous of numbers 10 and 7! :)

    Happy Canada Day!

  2. It is always great to love where you live. I lived in Canada for grade 1 - 4.

    Happy Canada Day!

  3. Thank you so much Tyler for this post... at first when you said 143 things, I thought 'Oh no', but your top ten are great.

    I was a little more serious in my Canada Day post.


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