Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Read the WHOLE Book!

Have you ever decided, "I'm going to read my WHOLE Bible," gotten started in Genesis, and three months later been stuck somewhere around Numbers of Leviticus? I have started reading my Bible countless times, only to give up at this stage.

About two years ago, I decided to try something different. I picked a book from the Old Testament to read, and when I finished that I moved to a book in the New Testament. I put a check beside each book's name in the Table of Contents as I completed it.

It was out-of-order, and sometimes I needed to go review something from somewhere else in the Bible to make sense of what I was reading, but about a year and a half later I had marked off every. single. book! I'm now on my second time through using my random Old/New method, turning my check marks into "x's."

Our Pastor recently suggested that we do this, but he added a new twist - he said we should read one book from each testament at the same time. So during our morning quiet time, read a chapter from Proverbs and a chapter from John, for example.

Those long and sometimes difficult OT books are so much easier to work through when you know you've got something completely different to read (in the NT) once you're done there!

(Just a note: there are more books in the OT than the NT, so when they belong together - such as 1 and 2 Chronicles - read them as if they were one book. This should help keep you from running out of NT books too soon.)

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  1. Great thought! Reading the Bible through is one of my "101 in 1001" goals ... I have done it before but not in several years. Love your ideas!

  2. Great idea. I'd never kept up with this until we purchased a One Year Bible. We read it as a family, and now we're reading the chronological version.

  3. I like your ideas.
    Even though it's tough to get through the OT, I liked that I read that first before going to the NT. I have to admit, I have not read Proverbs or Psalms completely yet. I stayed on track with OT only because I was taking a class. I need accountability!

  4. I am the odd one out - I PREFER reading the Old Testament normally. All the old stories of bravery, love, trickery, total disobedience, then complete repentance (only to go through the entire cycle again), and the overwhelming sense of God’s power in everyday life. What is not to love? If you have problems with the OT then try a different version of the Bible, my fav is NLT, I find that this is the best “story” format. Also, pick up Francine Rivers’ books – “Lineage of Grace” and “Sons of Encouragement”. Also Liz Curtis Higgs’ books/studies that deal with OT stories or people. After doing some of these things I was totally hooked!

    What I find difficult to get through are the books of poetry - I don't think I will ever get through Psalms, although there are some verses that I really like, but I normally find my mind wondering and my attention seriously lacking. Any tips for those of us who don’t understand or enjoy poetry?

  5. I began 2.5 years ago in Genesis and have made it to Colossians!

    I am not reading from Genesis again with my daughters - using the Child's STory bible (ironically I think I have a post on it for Monday)

    I now LOVE the OT. God really changed my heart about those books I always avoided.

    I am enjoying the NT, but so familiar with it. I actually miss the OT.

    My bible suggested your method...maybe I'll do it next time through!

    Good luck!


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