Monday, November 1, 2010

Respect equals Love

My man was only gone for twelve days, but in that time it seems I found my groove. Apparently I don't like people messing with my groove.

Here are a few notes for myself, based on lessons I'm relearning this weekend.

1. Do not interrupt, interfere, or interject in any way when your husband is disciplining the children. Even if he's not doing it your way. Even if you think he's overreacting.

Your children will benefit more from seeing their parents as a united front than they will from you championing their cause.

2. Do not interrupt, interfere, or interject in any way when your husband is doing household tasks. Even if he's not doing it your way. Even if you think his way won't work.

Your man will not want to do things around the house if he feels criticised.

3. If you mess up and do either #1 or #2 (or both, repeatedly), do be quick to apologize and ask forgiveness. It never hurts to show how sorry you are by offering up a token of love (bring him a snack, watch hockey with him without complaining, give him hugs and kisses).

It is so easy to forget that the best way I can communicate my love to my man is by respecting him. This means trusting him to do things his way and then thanking him for taking care of it. This means practicing the fine art of keeping my mouth closed. This means remembering that we are a team, and he is the team captain.

I am so very glad that he is home! It is a relief to know that there is a partner here to share the burden of parenting and household maintenance. But I fear I did a crummy job of showing that appreciation this weekend. Perhaps I can erase a few of my foolish comments with a yummy dinner tonight. Probably one that does not contain any form of rice or beans.

...and the wife must respect her husband.
~ Ephesians 5:33b

What about you? Is there something you have done lately that speaks disrespect to your man? What can you do to show him that he is respected and appreciated?

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  1. I have found this to be sooo! true. It is some times very hard but it is what we SHOULD do. Thanks for your thoughts!


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