Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mommy, Why Are You Angry?

Here is the video of my first sample talk for my She Speaks peer evaluation group. It's not my best - nerves, nerves, nerves - but I hope there are some words of encouragement for you in spite of the less-than-fantastic delivery.

(P.S. I am totally open to critique and suggestions! Anything you can offer to help me become a more effective message deliverer for Jesus is a gift. As long as it's wrapped up in love. I'm all about the loving suggestions for improvement!)


  1. I love you Tyler. Hearing your voice reminds me how much I miss you.

    You are too hard on yourself. When you speak, I can feel the love in your voice. You are awesome. Totally approachable.

  2. Yahoo - I thought you were awesome! Totally heartfelt, totally sincere! And did you see that tiny waist - I thought a camera adds 10 pounds - you look fabulous!


  3. Tears....I'm so touched and are so surrendered to God!

    PS. And I too thought you were slender as a willow. Wow!

  4. ah so very cool Tyler!!
    This was excellent...I could hear how heart felt is was...
    You go girl!!!....
    and like ya...your melting your slender....gonna have to get me that book too!!



  5. Great beginning for your work on your talk. I love it that you are sharing so honestly from your own journey on anger and how God freed you. This will be such an encouragement to mothers. Thanks for your hard work.

    I want to hear the entire talk.


  6. First of all, great job!

    Second of all, you're waaay skinny! You don't need to lose a single pound!


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