Thursday, September 3, 2009

School Days

The first few weeks of school are a juxtaposition of feelings in our family.

Mommy is relieved for a break after a long summer. Kids are excited for change. We all need to get back into routine.

But returning to routine is hard work! Lazy days become long days for little ones, and emotions run high.

Here is a sampling of my past couple of days, from the after school hour...

Why do we have to be at school for so long?

I'm tired!

* tears

I'm not tired!

Leave me alone!

* shoving

Moooooom, she's in my spot!

Moooooom, they won't leave me alone!

* door slamming

I just want some peace and quiet.

Get out of my room!

* tears

I'm hungry.

It's hot.

* tantrums

I'm cold.


* bickering

In the midst of the high emotion and unpleasant attitudes, we eat supper, we clean up, we make lunches, we have baths, we set out clothes for the next day, we have time outs, we talk about being kind and loving, we cry, we yell, we laugh, we dance, we take quiet time, and we fight going to be with every fibre of our being.

Then we rise early in the morning to do it all over again.

The only thing that gets me through those long hours between school and bedtime is the laughter. The laughter at how irrational tired children can be. The giggles over silly over-reactions. The warmth of quiet snuggles (though they last only a moment). The joy of knowing that they really do love school and learning. The faith that, in just a couple weeks, they will all adjust again and life will return to some semblance of normal (that involves less than 482 emotional outbursts in three hours).

It sure is quiet around here with just two kids at home....

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