Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quotes for Today

Some of the things I've said so far today...

Please get ready for school. Get dressed. Brush your teeth.

What do you want for lunch? No, I don't have tomato soup. I'm sorry, we're out of alphaghetti. How about a sandwich? No, didn't I just say we're out of that? How about a sandwich? No, you can't just eat chips for lunch. How about a sandwich?

Excuse me, aren't you supposed to be getting dressed right now? How about you play with the dog once you're ready for school?

Please don't shout at your sister. That's not how we treat our friends and family. If you continue to shout you'll have to go back to bed.

Don't forget to put your socks on. Then you can go brush your teeth, please.

No, I already made you a sandwich. You can't have alphaghetti because we don't have any.

Hello? Can you please stop daydreaming and put your socks on?!

It is also unkind to "shush" your sister. Please speak kindly to your family.

No! Don't touch the dog food! No, No - Ta, Ta. Spit it out, that's yucky.

Okay, you need to go back to your bedroom for a few minutes. This is the third time you've been unkind to your sister. I will call you in fifteen minutes and you can start again.

Okay, now go brush your teeth please.

The sandwich will be fine! Seriously.

No! Go to bed! (to the dog)

No, you cannot come out of your room yet. I will call you when your time is up.

Are you brushing your teeth?

I will not discuss the lunch any longer. Perhaps if you had done your job and gotten it ready last night you could have had something else. But for today you will take a sandwich.

Don't fight with your baby brother, please.

No, no. Don't hit. That's owie. Be nice to big sister. Give her a hug.

No! Don't hit puppy either. Hitting is owie. Be gentle.

Why haven't you brushed your teeth?!

And it's only 8:30am...


  1. Mine has gone like this, 'Wakey wakey, goodmorning, lets get moving, make sure you guys put on your green shirts, ouch please don't pinch me, socks, you guys need to find socks, who has their lunches done? who needs help, you need a green shirt on, ouch please don't pinch me just cuz I don't have green on yet, your lunch bags are on the counter, green shirts...come on guys and socks, get them on...lunches in bags please, lets get moving.....ugh, mittens where are all of them, do your coats up please...you need mittens, yes...it is that cold outside...I love you, yes I love you too...have a great day, bye...byeeeee, I love you, see you later (this is every mornings usual banter, excluding the green shirts and pinching)

  2. I think our children must have all gotten together yesterday and discussed what they would say to us this morning.

    I was starting to feel like I was the only tape-recorder mommy in the whole world... thankfully, you have shown me that I am not.

  3. It seems so much funnier when it's all typed out than it does when my ears and body are actually being pulled 4 different directions at once! It's just so constant some days. My 6yo dd actually told me today (after spending some voluntary time in her room) that she just needed to be "away from the noise." LOL!

  4. The funiest was I was thinking if your list is that short you must be blogging early!! For five kids I can't belive there was not more exclamation points. I have one and on the bad mornings there is way more for my sole child than with your five angles.

  5. Jane - yours sounds almost chipper. You must've had your coffee already? :)

    Jamie - I promise you, you are NEVER alone in this parenting thing. We've all seen it, done it, lived it (even the really bad junk).

    Andrea - I so wish I could go to my room and get away from the noise for a while, lol.

    Lisa - the exclamation points came only a couple hours later. Rest assured, you are not alone in that. :)


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