Monday, March 2, 2009

Quote of the Day

Pat's listening to an audio book on...well, I'm not sure what it's actually about. BUT, the dude has some good things to say. I don't remember the title of the book or the author, and the quote isn't really a quote because I don't know the exact wording. This post should really be titled, "Paraphrase of the Day." Anyhoo....

Changing your life happens not by making drastic and dramatic changes, but by doing small things that, over time, make a big difference. These are things that are not difficult to do, but they are easy not to do.

For example, exercising for ten minutes each day is not very difficult to do. But it is certainly an easy thing NOT to do. It is a small thing, that, if done repeatedly over a period of time, will change your life. Ten minutes of exercise per day is enough to help an overweight person lose half a pound per week, Over time (say a year), the result is twenty-six pounds lost.

Making small choices - choices that are not difficult to make, but could be easy not to make - can lead to big life changes.

What small things are you not doing that you could/should be doing?

For me, an obvious one is exercise (even just a little bit). Not only because I would like to lose the same weight I've been talking about losing for a year, but because my back will feel better, I will feel more confident, I will have more energy, my moods will be more easily regulated, I will sleep better, it will lead to making better eating choices, and inevitably I WILL LOSE WEIGHT!

Another small thing is putting up scripture on index cards throughout my house. I've been talking about doing this for years. Imagine a home where there are pieces of God's Word in every nook and cranny to help keep the heart focused on what is good, right, and praiseworthy. A small thing that really would not be difficult to do, but has been oh-so-easy to not do.

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