Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daily Exercise

I just want to apologize to my many American friends who miss out on the opportunity for one of the best workouts of their lives...

This is me and my main workout tool for the day - the shovel.

The best part of this exercise regimen is definitely the heaving of heavy shovelfuls of snow. They only need to be tossed up about 5-6 feet in the air. (We have had an unbelievable amount of snow this winter!)

You can't tell, but there is a 4 foot tall bush dividing our driveway and the neighbours.

This slightly less dangerous pile is the kids' "mountain." The only problem is that the driveway needs to be re-shovelled after they climb it!

And just to put this small pile in perspective... Remember my friend, the shovel? I'm guessing it's just under 5 feet tall.

Definitely the most effective calorie-burning twenty minutes of my life. The best news is - I get to do it all over again today!


  1. Hey Sis
    I'm wondering if there is anything you can't put a positive spin on.

  2. Tyler, you should see our snow piles.....for some reason they are even higher than yours!!!!
    By the way, it's supposed to snow again tomorrow.....that should feel really good after karate tonight ;)

  3. I did this workout yesterday! Not nearly as much snow, but it was wet and heavy, so I've got to think that counts!!

  4. Love your snow piles, but I seriously wonder if they are going to be melted by mid summer!!! lol . . . Wow, that is a lot of snow.

    We are expecting 2 - 4" tonight.

  5. Oh my word!! That is so crazy how much snow you have!!

  6. That is one massive snow pile!

    And you get to do it all over again. Yes, the snow keeps coming here, too. Tonight we're expecting the start of a fresh layer--and plummeting temperatures, too.

    I'm not sure I'm as brave and mighty as you!

  7. I can not even IMAGINE how much snow that is. I would stay inside ALL the itme. Im serious. I would never go anywhere. Just look at it. I would be TRAUMATIZED!!!! It was 50F here today (10C). You are quite the woman


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